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A Managerís Guide for Improving Workplace Performance provides managers and supervisors with a rich array of techniques, tools, and models for improving the on-the-job performance. It is a wonderful resource for developing personnel while focusing on achieving measurable results.


Pamela Siliato

Human Resources Director, Medtronic Vascular



I am so delighted that Roger Chevalier has written this useful, practical volume that pulls together so much management wisdom.  I will strongly recommend it to my students and clients for two reasons: to help them integrate a number of sound, but diverse principles on management of people and performance; to apply the content immediately and directly to their work.  Thanks, Roger, for the excellent tools, activities, tips...and wisdom.

Harold D. Stolovitch, PhD, CPT,

Emeritus Professor, Universitť de Montrťal,

Principal, HSA Learning & Performance Solutions LLC

Best-selling author of Telling Ain't Training and Training Ain't Performance.



A Manager's Guide for Improving Workplace Performance is a concise practical guide to performance improvement for managers dealing with real world challenges. It makes the rarified language and concepts of performance improvement accessible and understandable to the beleaguered manager.


W. Earl Carnes

Senior Program Manager, Human Performance Center,

U.S. Department of Energy



Improving the performance of employees is one of the key factors to organizational success.  In A Managerís Guide to Improving Workplace Performance, Roger Chevalier provides useable tools, applications and resources that managers can put to work to improve workplace performance.  Rogerís guide is a great addition to a managersí professional library.


Dr. Roger M. Addison, CPT

Senior Director, Performance Technologies, International Society for Performance Improvement

President, International Federation of Training and Development Organisations, 2006-07 


A Managerís Guide for Improving Workplace Performance is definitely a must read for all management teams working in ever changing organizational environments. Roger Chevalier not only presents the tools needed for improving performance, he shares heart warming anecdotes that make it easy to implement across any business sector. Rogerís many years of successfully managing people is evident in each chapter of this book.

Marnie Carter, MBA
Head of Group Insurance National Account Implementation
Aetna, Inc.




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